Annual Review 2015-2016

"As government continues to devolve and decentralise, the challenges of public service delivery will be increasingly shared."

As public spending continues to fall, organisations in all of our markets will need to embrace more fundamental changes to how they operate. We are the right partner for their journey, with a long track record of helping clients to negotiate technical and commercial challenges with ease.Annual Review 2016

Our work supporting real-time collaboration in policing is not only reinventing community safety but also establishing a blueprint for how public services can work together in the digital age. Its potential has been recognised by the Home Office, which has backed development of four new applications for Athena through the Innovation Fund.

This financial year, we have welcomed four new clients for CONNECT and seen two additional police forces live with the technology. By the end of 2016, our software will be used by over 40,000 officers and staff to help protect over nine million people.

Our expertise in health screening will see us deliver a new system to support diabetic retinopathy screening for NHS Scotland. Our work on health registries has also extended to India, with a pilot programme in a country where the number of joint replacement procedures is expected to grow by 500% within five years.

We will continue to invest in technologies that can unlock the true potential of the digital world, but it is our people’s ability to make them work that sets us apart. They understand that software alone will not transform public services; it is the harder task of enabling new ways of working that really matters.

Results 2015-2016

Revenue £182.5m
Underlying EBITDA £41.5m
Gross Profit £154.6m
Order Book £320.1m

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