“2017/18 was a game-changing year for NPS.”
Stephen Callaghan, Chief Executive

On 31 January 2018, Northgate Public Services was acquired by leading technology company NEC Corporation and we now operate as NEC’s core business entity in the UK.

Our strategy remains centred on IP-led software and services in our core markets, with strong leadership and well-planned investment delivering significant success in the twelve months to 30 April 2018:

  • Government & Housing: £63m new business, including 12 new cloud  customers
  • Healthcare: Extensions in Screening and Registries plus a contract for a new cosmetic procedure register
  • Safety: £61m in new CONNECT contracts, including strategic wins at West Midlands Police and Metropolitan Police

For NPS Housing we delivered transformative improvements ahead of schedule, creating a high function, mobile-ready system that looks great on any device.

In Safety, the investments in NPS CONNECT, specifically around mobile functionality and the intuitive ‘Express’ interface, helped boost market share. More than 50% of police officers in England are now contracted to use CONNECT.

Looking ahead, we see huge potential to improve how the police manage risk and demand and protect the public. Our investment will focus on mobile working, stronger collaboration with local partners and freeing up officer time by exploiting big data and automation. This includes leveraging NEC’s proven and world-leading capabilities in biometric identification and artificial intelligence.

“NPS has a highly-skilled management team with a clear vision and NEC will continue to empower them as the company evolves, providing support, technology and investment to further strengthen the business.” Masakazu Yamashina, Chairman, NPS and Executive Vice President, NEC Corporation, 27 November 2018


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Northgate Public Services complies with the NEC tax strategy which can be found here.

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