Cannock Chase Council improves services for Cannock Chase Council Tenants with Northgate Housing

9 May 2013

Northgate Public Services today announced that it has been awarded the contract to provide Cannock Chase Council a new Housing Management solution. In common with other housing providers Cannock Chase is facing the challenges posed by recent legislative changes and the difficult economic climate. Northgate Housing will assist the Council in meeting these challenges and also enable service improvements to the residents living in its 5,400 properties.

The Council’s aim is to provide more affordable housing, support independent living and wellbeing within the community and ensure that its properties and other stock meet the highest possible standards. The new Housing solution will enable the Council to manage its housing stock more efficiently, as well as provide extended services to the community through the introduction of new technologies, such as mobile working and web self-serve.

“Our community will benefit from an extended and more personalised customer service. This solution will allow us to amalgamate all types of records into a single database, ensuring that we have an up-to-date view of our customers and our property stock in real-time,” said Ian Tennant, Head of Housing at Cannock Chase Council.

Northgate Housing is designed to help ensure that the Council is able to operate a business model based on meeting its tenants needs and improving customer experience, rather than simply concentrating on letting and maintaining properties.   With the adoption of mobile technology as part of the overall solution, Cannock Chase staff will be able to operate more efficiently whilst working away from the office.

Inspectors and some operatives and will carry a mobile device that will allow them to log their whereabouts, receive their work schedules and communicate directly with the back office systems for all the information they need. This will mean they can book follow-up visits and carry out actions such as creating works orders and appointments, or recording detailed notes themselves, at the customer’s property, using standard templates.

When tenants make contact Cannock Chase staff will have access to complete records on screen. This will allow them to see whether their rent is up to date, what’s happening with maintenance at their house, any previous contact they’ve had with the Council and so on. This will make it easier for staff to manage enquiries and also improve customer experience.

Ian Blackhurst, Executive Director Solutions for Northgate Public Services, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Cannock Chase Council to implement this solution, helping them to gain efficiencies and meet the challenges posed by new legislation. We have a wealth of experience in social housing and look forward to supporting the Council, and its residents, with better personalisation of services and integration of data to provide a single view of housing stock options.”