Paperless working

Paperless working at Redbridge

The London Borough of Redbridge kicked off a major transformation programme in the face of growing demand and shrinking budgets. A key goal was agile and paperless working.

The need to digitise

With basements and warehouses full of historical paper records – some needing to be kept for 100 years – it was clear they needed to go digital.

To plan the programme, NPS worked closely with the teams at Redbridge. This work took into into account the location, sensitivity and size of each departments’ records. Each page was scanned as a searchable PDF and indexed in Information@Work (which Redbridge has used for Revenues & Benefits since 1997) as a case rather than document type. As a result, information is easier to find.

A scan-on-demand service managed urgent requests, where any document sent to NPS’ purpose-built business centre was scanned and returned as an electronic record within a few hours.

“The total height of the archive boxes collected during this project would exceed that of six Empire State Buildings. Working with NPS has ensured information held within these documents can be accessed within seconds.”

Kevin Browne, Systems and Transactional Development Manager, London Borough of Redbridge.

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