3 August 2017

St Albans District Council – Citizen Access – Benefits

St Albans District Council embarked on a project to increase online submissions of new claims.

St Albans selected NPS, a long term Revenues and Benefits partner, to support a redesign that would deliver their channel shift objectives.

Now, over 90% of new claims are now online using Citizen Access – Benefits and processing times have improved significantly.

Key benefits

  • Intuitive look and feel in line with Government Digital Service design
  • Minimal keying in of data for staff
  • Allows images, PDFs and scans – no more posting and printing!
  • Improve customer service with tailored on-line forms
  • Flexible configuration
  • Web responsive and works on all devices
  • Option to link from ‘My Account’ to pre-populate key data
  • One deployment – Fully hosted removing thin client deployment
  • Secure access to Revenues and Benefits data
  • Option to display a provisional entitlement to the citizen
    based on each LA’s CTR and HB parameters

Download the full case study

Download the Citizen Access – Benefits flyer



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