eye NPS OptoMize

Powerful end-to-end screening software

NPS OptoMize was designed by clinicians to streamline the full retinal screening pathway. It supports 75% of NHS diabetic eye screening programmes in England as well as five national schemes from Ireland to New Zealand.

The result of 25 years’ experience in diabetic eye screening, NPS OptoMize helps you work accurately, safely and efficiently every step of the way.

  • Streamlined management of clinics, appointments and patient correspondence
  • Images taken direct from the camera to minimise error and delay
  • Users alerted to missed information to keep coverage high
  • Advanced automation reduces risk and improves patient care
  • 24/7 access to your data and a full suite of built-in reports

The right information at the right time

NPS OptoMize is continually updated so that you can stay focused on patients. Our latest release introduced fast filtering of patient data by demographics and pathway status, so you can quickly target individual or custom groups of patients for follow up.

NPS OptoMize is

  • Simple
  • Accurate
  • Intelligent
  • Automated
  • Connected
  • Flexible

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