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Since its launch in 2018, Citizen Access – Landlords (CA-LL) has been chosen by more than 60 authorities to help transform self-service. Over  21,000 landlords can view their data online, saving cost by reducing the need for paper documents.

CA-LL is web-based, works on any device and is fully integrated with NPS Benefits to provide secure access to real-time information 24/7.

The London Borough of Sutton went live with CA-LL in 2018, transferring almost all its users from a previous system. Now, landlords can upload a single file to their rent systems rather than keying in individual payments, and the council can distribute its notification letters online.

Huge efficiencies for authorities

CA-LL is web-based, always up to date, easy to customise (so you can match the content and look and feel of the user-end platform to your in-house style), and straightforward to set up. Other benefits include:

  • fewer enquiries
  • advanced automation
  • no print/post costs
  • automatic suspension of tenants moving
  • ability to link several landlords to avoid multiple logins
  • fully integrated with the back office.

Key stats so far

  • 60 customers since its 2018 launch
  • 21,000 landlords covered
  • 24/7 access from any device
  • 1,000s of hits every week.


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