Digital divide must be tackled to ensure Youth Matters

3 December 2009

In a response to the Department for Education & Skills consultation, ‘Youth Matters’, Northgate welcomed the commitment to delivering integrated and personalised services.

Northgate also welcomed the emphasis on using innovative techniques and technologies to provide information to engage with young people, but called for action on tackling the digital divide as an integral part of service development in this area.

Following the recent publication the government’s IT strategy, Transformational Government, Northgate also called for the establishment of a ‘customer group director’ for children and young people at the earliest opportunity.

Speaking today, David Meaden, Managing Director of Northgate Public Services, said:

“For far too long public services have been demand-led and departmentalised. The challenge is to meet demand for services that are responsive to individual need. This means stepping out of organisational silos and into a new world of collaboration, information sharing and problem solving.

“Multi-agency working at a local level has the potential to revolutionise services for young people, and we would like to see action to ensure that young people from all backgrounds and all areas are able to fully exploit the opportunities that arise.”