Free income management webinar for housing providers

3 March 2016

Northgate Public Services is holding an in-depth webinar on Monday the 21st March, 11:30am that focuses on income management for housing providers. Hosted by experts, ‘The income management challenge’ webinar draws on the practical experiences of real world case studies, and helps housing providers protect their income and reduce income risk.

The webinar is the first in a series that focuses on the challenges and solutions arising from welfare reform, rent reductions, pay to stay and the right to buy.

To register for the webinar visit the event booking page.


The webinar series includes:

Monday 21st March 11:30am – The income management challenge

·         Focuses on the challenges housing providers are facing in protecting income as a result of new government policy.

·         The NPS team will outline the solutions that help reduce risk.

Monday 11th April 10:30am – Making it easier for people to pay

·         Discusses the challenge in getting people to pay their rent on time and not fall into arrears.

·         NPS be sharing ways to improve people's options and choices in how and when to pay.

Friday 15th April 10am – The importance of customer engagement and support in protecting income

·         The Benefit caps mean people are facing increasing financial difficulties.

·         That's why offering support to people when and how they need it can reduce the risk of them falling into arrears.

·         The session will include a look at NPS solutions that can support providers to engage and support their customers more effectively.

Thursday 21st April 11:30am – Improving intelligence and business support to avoid risks to income

·         There is a huge amount of data held in housing systems and this can provide critical business intelligence.


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