Housing Trends in Australia

Housing Trends in Australia

Private Housing


Rising house prices

House prices are continuing to rise, with the average house price
already nearing 4-5 times average annual household earnings.


Decline in ownership by young people

Over the past 20 years, home purchase amongst 25-44 year olds
has dropped by 15%, with young people preferring to rent.


Rising rental costs

Tax breaks for investors rather than homeowners has had
a negative impact on housing affordability.


Tax breaks

Each year the Australian Federal Government gives out
$8 billion in tax breaks to property investors.


Public Housing

Growth in social housing

Australia’s share of social housing has been traditionally low by
international comparison but it's now starting to grow.


Housing stock deficit

With a rising population, the stress on the supply of social housing
has identified a 21.8% deficit in housing stock.


Public satisfaction

A significant proportion of people living in public housing were satisfied
with the quality and management of the public housing projects where
they lived.


Growth in state-owned housing

Managed housing by non-profit bodies has declined and state-owned
housing now makes up most of Australia’s public housing.