NPS Housing

Comprehensive software and solutions for housing

NPS Housing is a comprehensive suite of software tools that allows you to deliver housing services that are data rich, responsive and cost efficient, all while keeping tenants at the heart of what you do.

Canada’s affordable housing market is underpinned by exceptional challenges from record numbers of vulnerable people on ever increasing waiting lists to aging and dwindling public housing supplies – with a growing population, housing providers need real time access to vital information on people and properties, coupled with the flexibility to adapt and administrate new programs and services.

This combined with changing consumer behaviour through digital demands and the expectation of 24/7 access to contact channels means public housing providers are under pressure to meet a complete transformation in the way they deliver public housing services. We are already working with a number of clients on simply addressing the issues through our solutions with proven success.

NPS Housing allows you to;

Fully mobile enabled, and featuring rich self-service capabilities,  it allows you to keep up to date tenant changes in circumstances, information on your properties throughout the entire property life cycle, and distribute work efficiently, wherever you are so that you can deliver exceptional service, and drive out cost efficiencies.

Built upon best practices garnered from around the world, NPS Housing blends robust technology, Cloud capabilities and unparalleled scalability, configurability and flexibility allowing you to reshape your business.

 ‘In the complex world of Social Housing, the NPS software has aided CityHousing Hamilton in standardization by introducing the Schedule of Rates to get every division across CityHousing Hamilton’s portfolio to focus and have similar pricing – and for the future, to concentrate on targets in both areas of rents and repairs.’

Rochelle Desouza, CGA, Chief Financial Officer, CityHousing Hamilton