Income Management

NPS Housing Income Management allows tenants and providers to keep up to date and manage finances in real time before problems surface.

Simpler ways for tenants to pay

We offer providers a tried and tested solution for channel shift, making it easier for tenants to not only pay, but keep informed and manage their own account through;

  • Access to their rent or service charge account details
  • The ability to review personal payment schedules
  • Manage online payments and register for preauthorized paymnents

Our fully configurable SMS services can even alert individuals or multiple customers of rent reminders, planned maintenance or faults. Seamless back office integration sends automatic updates to NPS Housing preventing the need for re-keying.

Real time access to customer insight

Data around tenants including income, payments, frequency and irregular income, allows you to make informed decisions to better support customers and assist you dealing with Rent Geared to Income

Rental subsidies provided to tenants on low incomes who cannot afford to pay the full market rent for their tenancy needs to be managed. As Rent Geared to Income relies upon your tenant’s income, a real time view of circumstances can ensure you’re not providing the correct entitlement.

Payment Arrangements

Payment patterns can be monitored and intervention with the right solution for the tenant can take place. Utilising Payment Arrangements allows for multiple payment methods to be used with the tenant knowing what to pay and when, reducing impact on income by preventing accounts from going into arrears with proactive and manageable plans.

Preventative customer engagement

Making all options available to tenants in times of difficulty is vital. Our solution allows providers a one screen view of customer circumstances, displaying critical information like missed rent payments, missing direct debit details or anything that affects their ability to pay – all fully mobile enabled means officers can engage with tenants, tackling problems with tailored support based on their history.

Information can be directly updated in the office and in the field, from direct debit details for problem tenants, to changes of circumstances – mitigating risk to income through a proactive approach to engagement.

Automate your policies

Timely notifications of non-payment or non-compliance are critical, but are also very labour intensive.  NPS Housing’s Escalation Policies allow you to define your local policies, and legislation into the workflow, automating the generation of personalized letters and notices, notifying internal staff for preventative measures, and accelerating collections, at lower cost to the organization. In times of dispute and escalation, a full documentation trail is available, supporting your property management and legal teams.