Waiting Lists

Advanced, dynamic waitlist and application capabilities

Our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution has waiting list management at the core of its public and affordable housing functionality.

NPS Housing provides the most capable of waitlist options, from simple, static first-come lists, to advanced prioritization rules – virtually any type of policy can be applied, and enforced, with the backup to protect your organization from scrutiny, should someone raise a concern of being ‘passed over’ or discriminated against.

Self-registration, options and eligibility

Reduced administrative effort and easier application process.

NPS Housing has capability for allowing self-service applicants to register on line, or at a connected kiosk.  They can update their situational and household information, explore options for housing, or other supportive programs, and let the system determine eligibility – allowing them to only apply for things that are relevant based on their situation, and your policies.

Scale and efficiency: Centralized Waitlists

With record numbers of people on housing waiting lists and affordable housing in short supply, a number of our clients have now adopted a common waiting list strategy at the core of what they do.   

By joining together with other housing agencies, we can help simplify the approach to maximize opportunities for individuals and families to find support

NPS Housing has the capabilities to provide centralized waitlists, large, or small, simple or complex.  We can support multi-organizational access, with appropriate protection and security.