We invite you to join a WebEx session to find out how our new solutions for Info​rmation​@W​ork can support your organisation and further details can be found below.

eMail Connect – Tuesday 17th July – 2pm-3pm
eMail Connect provides a software or service solution to automatically capture and index emails from any locally hosted or cloud based email system such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Gmail. It reduces cost, improves email capture speed and supports the expansion of the use of email.

NPS SelfScan – Wednesday 18th July – 2pm-3pm
NPS SelfScan enables members of the public to use a self-service tablet-based scanning app to quickly submit Revenues and Benefits documents at customer service centres. The scans are immediately uploaded and indexed within Information@Work and automatically distributed to in-trays, helping to cut queues, reduce costs and speed up processing.

What’s new in Information@Work version 5.10? – Thursday 19th July – 2pm-3pm
Information@Work 5.10 includes the latest version of the new browser interface called Information@Work Enterprise. It enables staff to carry out document management and processing from a browser without the need for client software. New features such as a user-configurable dashboard and document tagging help support agile working and allow more documents to be stored in Information@Work.​​

​​GDPR Connect – Tuesday 24th July – 2pm-3pm
GDPR Connect provides the means to efficiently manage the information held within Information@Work to support compliance with GPDR. This WebEx will take you through how it works and how it can help your organisation.  ​

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