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Benefits processing delivers great results for Solihull

Solihull Borough Council has been using NPS Revenues & Benefits since 2004. In 2013, they turned to us for some extra help:

Sally Anne Babb is Awards Operations Manager at Solihull:

We have over 13,000 council tax reduction and 11,000 housing benefit cases and need to process them quickly and efficiently to deliver great customer service. A few years ago we asked NPS to help us stay on track through some short term staffing issues and we were really impressed.

With our remote processing service, trained benefits assessors support your in-house team. This can be to cover peaks in demand or a continual service.

The right support

In 2016, Solihull decided to move to a more formal arrangement. This would see us process 100 changes in circumstances per week.

No two authorities work the same way, so it was important to get up to speed fast. After some site visits to get to know the people and processes, we started work in November.

At all times, Sally has access to performance data. She also manages a ‘check the checkers’ process to keep accuracy above a 95% average. So far, 45,000 cases have been processed, including more than 3,200 new claims. Work has also included processing of Real Time Information (RTI) data.

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