Mid Sussex District Council has been an Information@Work customer for many years but wanted to test the market to see if our software remains the right choice in the build-up to a major digital transformation.

After reviewing other options available, the council chose to stay with Information@Work and upgraded to the web-based Enterprise version. Kevin Stewart – Business Unit Leader, Revenues & Benefits, Mid Sussex District Council – explains:

We chose Information@Work Enterprise because it’s cost-effective, well-used across local government and continually updated. It’s 100% the right choice for us.

Key stats

  • 64,000 Mid Sussex council tax cases supported by Information@Work
  • 10 years as an Information@Work customer
  • 2.2 million images scanned by our Mailroom so far
  • 48 staff using Information@Work Enterprise
  • 11,000 benefit cases supported by Information@Work

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