Food Hygiene inspection at North Devon

Food Hygiene goes mobile at North Devon

We’ve worked with North Devon Council since 1998. For the last few years, they’ve used our Food Hygiene mobile app to complete more inspections and visits per day. The ability to work on and offline has been crucial, as they cover premises in isolated coastal locations.

Making a difference

By shadowing two food hygiene inspections – one using the paper form and the other the mobile app – the improvement was clear to see.

Both inspections took the same time, but the officer using the paper form had to drive back to the office. There, he completed another paper form and sent it to an administrator to be processed.

The administrator scans the form and types it up into a letter and report. They’re then printed and signed off by the officer, and the software manually updated. This process could take up to two weeks, with an average of two hours of administration for each inspection.

In contrast, the officer using the mobile app on a tablet was able to complete the full process while on the premises and move on.

Great customer service

North Devon has also improved customer service. Businesses like the clarity and appearance of the letters and reports. The photos taken on the table can also be used as clear examples of good and bad practice to support compliance. Being able to email the report before an  officer has even left the premises gives confidence to businesses and saves money on postage too.

North Devon has how increased inspections per FTE by 70% – that’s over 200 inspections per person in the same time.

Food Hygiene: the results

  • 600 hours of administration cut each year
  • Productivity benefits, with more inspections/visits per day
  • 70% more inspections in the same time per FTE
  • Mobile solution that works well in low-signal areas
  • Safety improved with a tracker option

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