NPS has prepared this statement to help customers to understand NPS intentions and strategy for dealing with the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NPS identified this as a business risk as part of our Business Continuity Planning in January, has identified and is implementing multiple strategies for dealing with the outbreak.

In light of recent government directions, NPS has instructed all individuals to work from home unless absolutely necessary to attend the office or customer premises. What constitutes “absolutely necessary” is being assessed carefully on a case by case basis taking into account all applicable factors. It has been standard practice for a long time for the majority of our staff to have the capability to work from home. Additional measures have now been implemented for those staff that do not typically work from home to ensure that they also have this capability.

We have also now placed a moratorium on all non-essential travel between our offices and to customer sites and we have postponed training courses at our offices. All international travel has also been suspended. Travel is not permitted unless absolutely necessary. We are also implementing a mandatory sick leave/self isolation policy for staff showing any symptoms at work, in line with government advice and directions.

We are in regular contact with our key suppliers to ensure that any actual or potential impact on our ability to provide service continuity to customers can be identified at the earliest opportunity and appropriate measures implemented to avoid or minimise disruption.

NPS continues to monitor the World Health Organisation, Department of Health and other government websites and is prepared to brief all our staff on current guidance, signs/symptoms and risks and suggested counter measures.

As you will be aware, there are many variables, such as geographical distribution of the virus and potential government imposed travel restrictions, which cannot be factored into plans until they are confirmed. Accordingly, your points of contact with NPS should remain as they are now. Should the circumstances of the outbreak dictate any change to these then we will inform you as soon as possible.

We are continuously monitoring the situation to identify any potential disruption of service. NPS will implement all necessary and prudent measures to ensure the health and safety of its personnel whilst minimising any disruption to our customers. If in due course any impact is identified, or any change is required to the delivery of any of our products or services, NPS will contact you with a view to discussing the extent and impact of any required changes.