Lincoln City Council - a SearchNet Customer

12 July 2013
Lincoln City Council has been a SearchNet customer for many years and has enjoyed the all-inclusive nature of the solution. The SearchNet complete manage service contract provides hardware, software and a consultancy package that delivers year on year benefits and has now been extended to include the M3 Planning and Building Control solutions. This enables seamless software upgrades, additional training and DBA checking – all included in a single annual fee that allows Lincoln to budget and removes any in year surprises.
Also, being a corporate Information@Work customer the new agreement includes the appropriate software to connect it to M3 and provide a central repository for all correspondence.  Additional professional services have been purchased to provide some consultancy, training and data migration which will see documents moving from M3 Blob files into the corporate EDM solution.  Not only will this process improve the performance of the database it will also free up hard disk space.
With the requirement to upgrade to Oracle 11g, Lincoln have decided to put a new server in place and implement the migration of documents into Information@Work. The project is expected to last 3 months.