New NPS Mobile Solution Launched!

A new version of our mobile solution, NPS Mobile is now available. This solution, formerly known as Practitioner Portal, was renamed and redesigned to give it a fresh, contemporary appearance.

At our National User Conference in November, Kim St Louis from London Borough of Havering kindly gave an update on the pilot being run in both adults and children’s services.

NPS Mobile is the most comprehensive, fully-integrated social care mobile solution on the market. Its rich functionality is accessible when you’re connected to the network and when you’re working in an area with no network availability.

As part of our ongoing investment in the Social Care product portfolio, our new-look mobile solution also now works on tablet devices, making it more akin to the devices we all use on a daily basis.

Mobile working is becoming an increasingly important consideration for Adults and Children’s social care departments:



More assessments can be completed per day to help deal with increased caseloads.


Mobile working removes unnecessary admin tasks such as re-keying data from paper forms.  It reduces travel and enables people to work from home, reducing the need for expensive office space.


The time spent with customers is more productive as all the information about a case is to hand. Data is fed directly into the Adults and Children’s database, ensuring that there are no time delays – if a person calls in to the council, their information is up to date.


Data on the device is encrypted so that if it is lost or stolen, the information will remain secure. 


Removing the need to decipher handwriting and re-key data means that the risk of errors is greatly reduced. Data quality is preserved, enabling more accurate reporting and actions to be progressed more quickly.


NPS Mobile includes number of optional safety features for staff. A social worker can press a panic button which will send an immediate alert to their office. They can stipulate a visit duration which, if not cancelled, will automatically alert their office and multiple alerts can also be sent by text message or email.

Don’t forget – we have also recently added Mobile Financial Assessments to our NPS Mobile solution!

If you would like more information about NPS Mobile, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact your Account Manager or email