New technology from NPS to improve services for Thurrock Council tenants

30 June 2015
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Thurrock Council’s housing tenants will soon have a quicker and easier service to deal with their housing issues, thanks to innovative technology from Northgate Public services (NPS).

NPS’ Housing Management solution will allow Thurrock Council’s clients to access services via the internet, enabling them to deal directly with a range of services such as making payments, reporting and querying repairs and seeking housing advice.

Northgate Housing provides a comprehensive set of web portal applications, allowing Thurrock’s clients to securely Self-Serve across a range of services. This will enable Thurrock Council, based in Grays in Essex, to introduce improved efficiencies in the management of over 10,000 properties in its area, so helping to deliver excellence to their customers. 

Dermot Moloney, Strategic Project Lead, Thurrock Council said: “We have selected Northgate Public Services’ web based housing solution because we feel it matches the needs of the business and provides an integrated platform we can design around our processes.  Their solution will help us to achieve our long term objectives to deliver an effective service to our residents.”

Ian Blackhurst, NPS Executive Director, Solutions said: “We are glad to be able to help Thurrock Council to achieve their ambitious plans to streamline their housing services. Our solution will provide their clients with a whole range of Self-Service facilities, enabling them to view accounts, make payments, report and query repairs – including via a graphical interface, as well as request information or advice, complete online surveys and notify the council of changes of circumstances or details.”

The Northgate Housing product suite will provide an organisation-wide solution, from day-to-day housing management and repairs functions to Self-Serve and Mobile Working.  The system will serve to minimise data duplication and reduce the requirement for manual data entry, integrating with other systems in use within the Council.  Other benefits will be a reduced training requirement, consistent reporting and a strong audit trail.

NPS will also provide, as part of the overall project, technical and service management expertise to host and provide management services for the software. This will provide Thurrock Council with a single point of contact for support of the system, offering greater efficiency within the business and continuous availability of the applications.

The initial agreement for the Northgate Housing Management System covers the next five years from April 2015 and will enable NPS to extend its existing partnership with the council to deliver Thurrock’s current and future housing strategies.