22 August 2017

Housing providers open more doors for tenants thanks to new technology

Northgate Public Services (NPS) has revealed at this years Chartered Institute of Housing Conference plans for the reinvention of the software that sits behind some of the biggest housing providers in Britain and across the globe.

The company, which already works with Birmingham City Council and The Guinness Partnership is set to dramatically change the way housing providers interact with their tenants.

The exciting future upgrade of NPS Housing, offers Software as a Service and will enable tenants and housing staff to access the same software and perform any relevant housing operation from any device. This means tenants will be able to use self-service to pay rent, report repairs and apply for housing online via a tablet or smartphone, drastically freeing up housing staff time.

The change also means that housing staff will instantly become a mobile workforce as all their key tasks can be performed remotely via a tablet just as easily as on a desktop computer. This will enable them to deliver vital services from anywhere for example dealing with adhoc queries while doing a tenancy visit.

One game-changing element of the software is that it allows for true open integration. Housing providers will be able to link to PayPal to allow tenants to pay for services then that element can simply be added to the platform and can be accessed easily via NPS Housing. Likewise, if a charity creates an app for reporting on the health and welfare of elderly tenants, then that can be added too through a system of open APIs. This will ensure housing providers the freedom to adapt and personalise their service to their customer’s needs.

Roger Birkinshaw, director of housing at Northgate Public Services said: “Our goal was to create a housing solution without boundaries. This is a sector that has changed beyond recognition in the past 10 years and we cannot expect that pace of change to slow down. We needed to create a solution that would adapt with the sector. NPS Housing offers full self-service for tenants, mobile working where it’s needed and an open infrastructure that allows for plug and play development and is available in the cloud as a fully managed service.”

Dawn Chehreh, tenant representative for Hull City Council commented on the new enhancements to NPS Housing “It’s going to be brilliant, it’s a lot easier”

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