17 October 2017

Ian Blackhurst talks about people, processes and technology

Ian Blackhurst, Executive Director of Northgate Public Services, in an article on Police Professional emphasised that consideration should be given to the impact of technology when installing new IT systems.

In the article, Ian says, “to avoid a large disconnect between police officers and new IT, there needs to be a coherent approach right from the beginning of the project, encompassing people, process and technology, all combining to deliver a set of business outcomes by operating in an entirely new way after implementation. The defining factor is not acquisition, it is ownership.”

On a closing note, Ian highlighted that “IT can relieve a huge amount of transactional burden on officers, just as long as humans are ready to change along with it.” 

To read the full article, please click on the image.

To read the online version of the article from Police Professional, please click here.  You can access the article if you or your police force have a registered account with on the site.



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