24 January 2019

Statement from Northgate PS in relation to Athena

Nine police forces currently use Northgate Public Services technology to support the pioneering work of the Athena programme, which is the largest integrated policing system of its kind in the UK.  

Athena is designed so that forces use one database of information across force borders to improve detection and conviction rates, and support national initiatives to transform the management of offenders in custody. Having a single shared view of police information across forces was not possible before Athena.  Today, more than 40,000 officers regularly access the system.

We have maintained system availability of over 99.64% for three and a half years and many officers have benefited from much improved intelligence when investigating criminal activity and reports from the public. However, as with any major IT undertaking of this kind, some challenges have been encountered. Athena connects to and relies on many components of IT, which makes it a complex solution. We recognise there are a small number of areas of the solution where improvements can be made and we apologise for any difficulties this has caused. We are working hard with the customer and other parties to make these improvements as a priority.



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