Northgate helps frontline policing in Staffordshire

21 November 2013

Northgate Public Services is helping Staffordshire Police to reduce crime by raising its visibility on the streets with the aid of the latest technology for the force’s control room.

Staffordshire Police are introducing ‘Spirit’, Northgate’s new Demand and Resource Management solution system next March (2014), the first police force in the country to adopt Northgate’s new system.

Northgate has considerable experience of delivering solutions that bring operational benefit into the control room through its xcDesktop GIS and routing products, closely integrated with core systems such as Command and Control applications. Northgate provides GIS solutions to nearly all the England and Wales police forces, including all the neighbouring forces of Staffordshire and the Central Motorways Policing Group.

This project is an extension of that technology, providing much closer interaction with the resources themselves by getting real-time feedback and telemetry directly from police vehicles and combining it with GPS from hand-held radios.

Assistant Chief Constable Julian Blazeby, project executive, said: “As well as helping us to reduce crime by enabling more police time to be spent on active patrol, this new technology will lead us to be more operationally efficient and effective, so that we can deliver a high quality of service.

 “Being visible and accessible, providing reassurance to communities and building public confidence in the police is vital to our role in the community here in Staffordshire.

“The new Demand and Resource Management solution, with the help of reports, maps and real-time deployment data, offers the force a host of benefits and advantages. These include an improvement in incident management and the effectiveness of front-line staff, giving officers more time out of the station to focus on key tasks and offering reassurance to the public.

 “We chose Northgate because it builds on software we are already using, so that we could be confident that it would interface with our existing systems.”