Northgate to help Leicester City Council improve housing IT systems

16 September 2013

Northgate Public Services today announced that it has been awarded a seven year contract to work in partnership with Leicester City Council to improve its housing IT systems.

The council has awarded Northgate, a leading provider of housing solutions in the UK, a contract to deliver a new integrated IT system to help the council manage its housing stock.

Stephen Barber of Leicester City Council, explains what the council hopes to achieve through its partnership with Northgate:

“As a council, we are always looking for efficient and effective ways to deliver our services and good IT systems help us to do that.” he said.

“Northgate has huge amounts of experience in providing similar services to other councils and the ease and flexibility of their systems impressed us. We look forward to working in partnership with them.”

Northgate Public Services will work with the council to amalgamate all types of tenant and housing records into its database, ensuring that it has a more comprehensive view of its customers and property stock, enabling it to operate in a more efficient manner.

Ian Blackhurst, Executive Director for Solutions for Northgate Public Services, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Leicester City Council to implement this new integrated solution and help the Council improve its services for tenants and housing stock management. We have a wealth of experience in social housing and look forward to supporting the Council, and its residents, with better personalisation of services and integration of data to provide a single view of housing stock options.”

Northgate Housing already manages one in three social housing properties in the UK and more than 3 million properties worldwide and will use this experience to also support the Council in developing future housing management strategies.