NPS Integrated Care Update


In April 2015, we announced the release of our Integrated Care solution. The first implementation is well under way and Alan Sharp, (Service Manager, South Gloucestershire Council) kindly gave an overview at our National User Conference in November.  He described why the authority had chosen Integrated Care above other offerings in the market and what immediate benefits and efficiencies they are expecting from its implementation.


What is NPS Integrated Care?

NPS Integrated Care is designed to support adults, children, families and carers. It provides personalized information and advice, offering services that can help keep people safe in their own communities.

Where need is determined as more complex, the solution enables a person to complete online needs and financial assessment, manage support plans and purchase equipment and services through a marketplace. With intelligent community networking and communication tools, Integrated Care can help people to support themselves, and help local authorities cut costs.

It’s not just the person or relative that can use the tool.  NPS Integrated Care enables workers in other agencies such as GPs, health workers, occupational therapists to use the tool to contribute to assessments and plans, offering true co-production.

Importantly, NPS Integrated Care is the only comprehensive online solution to be completely integrated with the Social Care case management, finance, ESCR and mobile solution – a complete solution with all the data held in one place.

Feedback from customers has been exceptionally positive. We would like to express our thanks to those of you on the customer consultation group. Your support and guidance has been much appreciated. 

The initial ‘bundle’ of NPS Integrated Care, the Assessment bundle, was made available as part of version 30 in April 2015. The Assessment bundle includes:

  • Online referrals – these could be made by external agencies such as GP, Housing, voluntary organisation or school, or by a person, their family, friend or carer.

  • Online needs assessments – assessment questions can be controlled by you and can be as simple or complex as you require. They can be completed by the person themselves or by a friend, family member, carer or another agency, or a third party such as Northgate Public Services (NPS).

  • Online financial assessments to generate an indicative personal budget

  • Safeguarding concerns can be reported to the authority

  • Personalised information, advice and guidance



As part of our rigorous testing process, NPS is working closely with the Shaw Trust to test the Integrated Care to ensure that it meets acceptable accessibility standards.

Shaw Trust is the UK’s largest third sector provider of employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people. Their Accessibility Service offers expertise in the field of digital accessibility, ensuring that digital solutions are accessible to the widest population possible.


NPS Integrated Care has been developed in line with the widely accepted Government Digital Service (GDS) standards. GDS standards have been developed to ensure that digital services are clear and simple, and that people’s needs are put first.


What's next…

In December 2015 we will issue Bundle 2 of Integrated Care, which offers a ‘Stand-alone’ service directory.  When you know what you’re looking for, simply search the directory.  We have further enhanced the solution to offer maps and travel guidance on how to reach services in your local community.

The next two bundles of NPS Integrated Care will be released during 2016 and 2017 and we will keep you informed of progress throughout this period. Some of the features coming include:

Bundle 3 – Collaboration and Support – people, families, carers, etc can create support plans; share information with others including other agencies and trusted parties; connect with others with similar interests in a secure environment via community networking.

Bundle 4 – Marketplace – enables people to procure goods and services, and allows you to collaborate more closely with care providers, managing contracts and sharing intelligence to ensure that care services in the area are relevant, high quality and can meet demand.


No integration needed!

NPS Integrated Care gives you a complete, single view of people and their support requirements from an early stage. Whether they are people with needs, self-funders, carers, individuals with low-level needs or families, NPS Integrated Care provides them with the tools to coordinate their own care and support.

With information from NPS Integrated Care stored in the same database as AIS, CCM and mobile, you will have a full and comprehensive source of information for advanced management intelligence.

Furthermore, because there’s no integration involved between the case management system and NPS Integrated Care, information is updated in real-time.

If you haven’t yet had a discussion with us about NPS Integrated Care, please contact your Account Manager, or email us at


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