While we would have loved to have physically been at ANZPAA PC20 to showcase how our proven CONNECT Policing platform, can deliver improved operational outcomes to ANZPAA agencies, we did our bit to support the virtual conference with this short video.

With the shared provenance of the systems used by government and public safety organisations in the UK and ANZ then many of the solutions that NPS provide in the UK, where they provide a wide portfolio of solutions across both sectors [Link to Policing Solutions & Link to LG solutions] to support effective services , can be easily deployed in ANZ with just simple configuration changes.  NPS have been successfully doing so for over 20 years and there is a team of 50 staff across ANZ to support the effective deployment of these solutions.  When NPS joined the NEC group of companies then this capability was supplemented by those of over 2000 NEC colleagues across the country.  NPS provide state housing solutions to NSW, QLD, SA, WA, ACT and NZ and we are keen to explore how this can be used to support enhanced decision making across government.

UK Policing and transition to Australian Model

Also talk about state based agencies have the scale to be able to use Case management vocab and actors change not the fundamentals

Differences between Platform & Product

And how we can support operational outcomes

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Australian CONNECT Flyer

If you are an agency with a requirement for complex case management integrating 

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