Overview - NPS Citizen Communications

1 July 2016

Modernising service delivery

The NPS Citizen Communication module provides your stakeholders with simple and quick online access to their account and benefit information. Stakeholders can also opt to receive their bills and recovery notices through their secure account. NPS Citizen Communication provides the perfect solution for self-service and reduces the cost of registration, dealing with public enquiries and encouraging take-up for electronic billing.

Effective communication

NPS Citizen Communication enables the public to log in and view account and benefit information online and make required updates. The unique two-way integration ensures that all enquiries and updates occur in real time with the Revenues and Benefit systems. The Council Tax or Business Rate payer is pre-registered and can authenticate themselves, using details from their last bill or recovery notice, along with personal details, which are known to them and the authority.

This saves time in the registration process and allows for immediate access, while sustaining security through appropriate authentication. The authentication provided allows for annual billing to be used as a mass recruitment exercise for electronic billing and channel shift. Citizens will be limited to viewing account and claim information associated with them, but where more than one account is linked to their Personal
Identification Number, they will be able to view their other accounts and check their overall balance.

NPS Citizen Communication allows the public access to:

• Make account enquiries
• View all associated accounts linked to their
Personal Identification Number
• View Instalments Due and Payments Made
• Register for eBilling and updatecontact details
• View Bills and Recovery Notices
• View Benefit Statements
• View of details of Next Benefit Payment
• View current Benefit Claim Status

Where an update to contact or eBilling details is submitted, a confirmation in the form of a known facts document can be saved or printed by the
citizen, and a copy of this is exported to the council's document management system. Email acknowledgements can also be sent to the citizen directly from the system. 

NPS Citizen Communication is configurable and can be deployed in a number of ways in order to map onto client demand and maximise its usefulness. Members of staff can be given access to NPS Citizen Communication. This is particularly useful for call centre or front of office staff, where it will provide a more appropriate access point than NPS Revenues and Benefits itself.

Download the NPS Citizen Communications overview