PARIS Administration Toolkit

2 September 2016

Supporting more efficient and effective operation of PARIS.

PARIS is continually being developed, with new functionality designed to supplement the core payments and income management functions.

Our PARIS Administration Toolkit brings together a set of browser based modules that can support your operation and management of PARIS and includes:
●    Browser Reporting
●    Browser Suspense Management & Clearing
●    Browser Transfers / Transfer Module
●    Transaction Browser
●    Summary Total Reporting

The easy to use and intuitive user interface of the Administration Toolkit gives you enhanced transaction management and reporting functionality.

Browser Reporting
An extensive library of standard reports has been created since the launch of PARIS in 1998. This library of reports no longer requires a thick-client interface with software installed on a PARIS workstation. The thin-client, browser based solution lets you access the same reports online.

Browser Suspense Management & Clearing
The browser based module gives an intuitive user interface. The enhanced functionality allows for:
●    creation of custom rules automating subsequent clearances
●    splitting of suspended items and making partial clearances
●    additional data filtering, sorting and drill-down capabilities

Browser Transfers Module
The module provides a simple method of correcting transactions already posted from PARIS to any back-office or line of business receiving systems such as Council Tax or the financial ledger.

Individual posted transactions can now be re-posted as a single corrected transaction or split across multiple transactions before re-posting.

Using PARIS to correct posted transactions makes sure it remains in step and in balance with transactions in the back-office / line of business systems – providing an accurate audit trail of transactions. 

Transaction Browser
Offering enhanced journal and transaction enquiry functionality, the Transaction Browser supports custom reporting with the creation of views with full sort, search, filter, drill-down and print functionality.

Summary Total Reporting
Giving the user the ability to take a snapshot of transaction totals – usually as part of the automated end-of-day process – they can produce reports on that snapshot which can be re-run at any time.

Typically used to aid reconciliation with the general ledger the reports show the total at various levels including Fund, Payment Type, Bank, VAT and Suspense.

Using the Administration Toolkit will help streamline your processes and make information more accessible across your organisation, resulting in more efficient working with less chance for error.

Get in touch to find out how the PARIS Administration Toolkit can benefit your organisation.