Our business processing services can take the strain when it’s busy or manage whole projects on your behalf.

We offer performance guarantees and charge only for what you use, making us a low-cost choice for big improvements.

From our secure UK business centres we can help assess eligibility, generate revenue and improve performance across a range of services.

Cut the cost of delivering the Blue Badge service by 47% Processed 17,000 benefits claims and over 300,000 changes in circumstances

Generated £45m for clients through SPD Reviews Assessed £140 million local welfare assistance claims

Over 50 customers rely on us to provide flexible services including:

  • Housing benefit processing
  • Council tax discounts
  • Welfare assistance
  • Blue Badge managed service
  • Single person discount reviews
  • Empty properties reviews.

Our top-class staff deal sensitively with the public and use real-time data from our market leading software to deliver cost-effective improvements, fast.

There are no upfront charges with our discount and exemption reviews – we’re paid on the revenue we generate through cutting down fraud and error.

With market-leading cancellation rates, our SPD review is available as a one-off or multi-year service. With no upfront fees, we guarantee to provide great results at low cost.

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By finding properties wrongly classed as empty, we generate revenue from the New Homes Bonus and increase council tax billing.

With no-upfront fees and a simple online tool for responses, we keep customer contact to a minimum and get results fast. 

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Workload peaks can hurt your cash flow, so our off-site support puts all the extra skills you need on tap.

It’s a service that’s entirely flexible. You can use it continuously, just to match your business cycle or to provide ad-hoc support during peak periods and holidays.

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Software that delivers top-tier performance and keeps you on top of your caseload.

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