Our empty properties review service generates extra revenue with no upfront fees.

Using industry leading credit reference data, advanced software and simple online services we identify empty homes quickly and efficiently.

The New Homes Bonus (NHB) provides local authorities with extra funding for every home brought back into use.

Our Empty Properties review service identifies homes wrongly classified as empty, generating extra funding and ensuring Council Tax is billed effectively.

Working with partners like Experian, we manage the process from start to finish, including all letters, property visits and back office updates.

We focus only on high-risk cases to avoid troubling your customers and our online response service speeds up replies, meaning revised bills can be issued even before the review is finished.   

Our end to end process has generated amazing results for our customers, including Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council which saw a 25% reduction in their long term empty property base in 2016 alone.


With market-leading cancellation rates, our SPD review is available as a one-off or multi-year service. With no upfront fees, we guarantee to provide great results at low cost.

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Workload peaks can hurt your cash flow, so our off-site support puts all the extra skills you need on tap.

It’s a service that’s entirely flexible. You can use it continuously, just to match your business cycle or to provide ad-hoc support during peak periods and holidays.

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Our customers are top-tier performers, processing changes in circumstances one day faster than the national average.

Simple self-service puts people in control and advanced automation completes tasks in a fraction of the time.

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