Our Planning, Building Control and Grounds Maintenance software makes light work of paper-heavy processes.

Advanced document management and deep integration frees up officer time, brings greater flexibility and delivers better services.

Our web-based solutions provide a 360o view of activity, offer advanced self-service and include mobile apps for a truly agile workforce.

ASSURE Planning processes applications in half the time. Built-in validation means higher quality self-service submissions, with even 1APP forms taken straight into the back office. Online mark-up tools and live OS mapping cuts out printing and postage, and with the mobile app you can add consultees on the fly. Embedded document management and easy integration means consultations, payments and enforcement activity can all be managed with ease.  

ASSURE Building Control delivers same-day turnaround. Managing all types of application and inspection, self-service makes it easy to book inspections and submit or correct applications. With the mobile app you can download, update and upload anything you need for an inspection, use GPS to match resources to priority cases and start and finish your day in the field.  

ASSURE Grounds Maintenance makes it easy for staff, customers and contractors. Self-service options enable 24/7 customer service and with mobile you can confirm visits and monitor inspections on the move, keeping staff on top of ad-hoc and standard workloads.

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