Our Land Charges software offers complete management of the local land charges process.

Connecting easily to other systems and NLIS, it’s faster for home buyers and more efficient for you.

ASSURE Land Charges software provides everything you need to complete LLC1 and CON29 searches.

At its heart is our leading gazetteer, linking all local land charge register entries to a town, locality, street or property record or to a spatial boundary within the embedded OS mapping.

It’s easy to run standard LLC1 searches and to record enquirer details, fees received and progress status. CON29 enquiries can be recorded and parts 1 and 2 processed, including the enquirer’s own further searches.

Our software doesn’t just process data, it provides secure access to information from connecting systems like Planning and Building Control, making it simpler for staff and the conveyancing community.

And with a built-in report generator you can cut down on processing time and deliver a better service, fast.

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