Our software covers all types of license, inspection and enforcement activity.

With integrated solutions for Environmental Health, Trading Standards, Private Sector Housing and more, it helps deliver better regulatory services at a lower cost.

Our web-based solutions provide a 360o view of activity, offer advanced self-service and include mobile apps for a truly agile workforce.

ASSURE Licensing streamlines the process for staff and customers. Applications are validated in real time, reducing the burden on officers. Renewals and resubmissions are processed with no manual input and statutory consultees notified automatically. And with a mobile app that works on and offline you can get a single view of people, properties and vehicles and complete inspections on the move.

ASSURE Environmental Health completes inspections in a fraction of the time. As well as a 3600 view of information on any device, its advanced mobile app helps deliver 70% more inspections by allowing officers to complete their work in the field. Transforming all areas from abandoned vehicles to pest control, customers like North Devon have saved 600 hours per year in administration time by using the mobile app in Food Hygiene alone.

ASSURE Trading Standards provides accurate and detailed information on service enquiries, trader details, inspections, notices, advertising and prosecutions. It connects simply to other ASSURE solutions and third party systems to provide a single view of all activity and support better customer service.

ASSURE Private Sector Housing helps streamline landlord management. Connecting simply to other ASSURE solutions and finance systems you can manage HMOs, monitor grants and loans and fulfil service requests more effectively. Deep integration means bulk records like Council Tax can be accessed without re-keying and all correspondence automated.

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