Our work on screening programmes in the UK and Ireland enables government agencies and hospitals to save lives.

Developed with experts in the health screening community, our software is flexible, easy to use and has quality assurance built in.    

Accurate information is vital for successful screening programmes, so our software automatically alerts screeners, doctors, technicians and patients to missed appointments, poor samples or samples taken but not tested.

Ideal for adult and child screening programmes, our software has been used to test the hearing of over eight million newborn babies and helped refer hundreds of men over 65 for potentially life-saving treatment for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA).

Newborn Blood Spot Screening

Newborn blood spot screening is critical in identifying babies who have rare but serious metabolic and genetic disorders. Find out how we connected parents, hospitals, clinicians professionals and laboratories to ensure early diagnosis and treatment.

Read our Newborn Blood Spot Screening case study
Newborn Hearing Screening

The early identification of hearing impairment gives children a better chance of developing speech and language skills, and of making the most of social and emotional interaction from an early age.

Read our Newborn Screening case study
Newborn infant Physical Examination (NIPE) gives babies the best start in life

We’re working with the National Screening Committee (NSC) to roll-out a national failsafe service in England to ensure that all babies undergo an examination to identify congenital health conditions.

Read our Newborn infant Physical Examination case study

Serving 300,000 patients across 14 Health Boards, our software helps NHS Scotland to screen for diabetic eye disease. We also support the AAA screening programme that helps keep men over 65 safe and healthy.

Our Vector software streamlines and automates the process for clinicians and administrators and is used to screen 500,000 patients in the UK each year.

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Alan Campbell – Head of Screening

Alan Campbell – Head of Screening


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