NPS Vector improves the diabetic retinopathy screening process at every stage.

High blood glucose levels can lead to retina damage and even blindness in patients with diabetes, so screening programmes that enable early identification and treatment are vital.

NPS Vector enables clinicians and administrators to manage all aspects of the eye screening process safely and efficiently, automating 40% of all processes and staying fully compliant with National Guidelines.

Already used by Scotland’s 14 Health Boards and supporting nine programmes across England, over 500,000 people have their eyes screened using NPS Vector each year.

Its patient administration system automatically generates appointments, referrals and results letters and has built-in failsafe measures that reduce the risk of a missed screen.

Healthcare professionals also benefit from the automatic upload of new images through a connected camera, side-by-side comparison of previous images and easy to use measurement and recording tools.

And by holding all the relevant information in one place, staff working across multiple centres can have confidence in the data and monitor and report on performance with ease.

Diabetes management solution

NPS Vector’s eye screening module can fully integrate with other diabetes clinics like antenatal and podiatry, creating a single diabetes management system that improves services for hospitals and patients alike. Get in touch to find out more.

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Ophthalmology solution

NPS Vector’s powerful tools and connected camera can also support all aspects of Ophthalmology, improving the identification and tracking of conditions like glaucoma and cataracts and supporting clinicians and administrators working in orthoptics or primary care.

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Alan Campbell – Head of Screening

Alan Campbell – Head of Screening


Streamlining diabetic eye screening with NPS Vector

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