Our work on medical registries provides deep insight into the outcomes from different treatments.

From joint replacements to vascular surgery, the data we collect helps clinicians, regulators and industry partners to make better decisions for patients.Medical registries collect and analyse treatment data over time, creating a long term picture of effectiveness that shapes best practice and transforms patient care.

Like the National Joint Registry, the largest orthopaedics registry in the world holding over 10 years’ worth of data on more than two million joint replacement procedures.

Managed by HQIP, delivered by us, and supported by leading surgeons and academics, the NJR’s data is used to monitor the performance of implants, procedures and surgeons and ensure the very best outcomes for patients.

Over two million records on the NJR 1000 implant quality monitor reports provided to the medical device industry

The wealth of data in the NJR helps the independent ratings body, ODEP, to set the gold standard for orthopaedic implants, and the Beyond Compliance initiative then gives manufacturers and hospitals the confidence to safely introduce devices where there is less evidence about long-term performance.

Our secure software and informatics expertise also supports the national Rheumatology audit, the National Vascular Registry, the Treatments You Can Trust cosmetic registry and the Neuromodulation Register.

Using NJR data and spearheaded by orthopaedic experts and health agencies, ODEP sets high standards for implants and Beyond Compliance creates a safe space for device manufacturers to innovate.

Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong

Richard heads Northgate Public Services Health Registries business. He has worked in healthcare informatics for the past fifteen years, running and managing national programmes associated with the collection and reporting of clinical and administrative healthcare data. He is Programme Director for the National Joint Registry of England, Wales and Northern Irelend (NJR), a service that Northgate has delivered for the past ten years on behalf of the Department of Health and HQIP.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to Richard please click on the email button below.


Two million plus records in the National Joint Registry provides a rich dataset for joint replacement surgery

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