Our housing management solution provides the right information when and where you need it.

With a deep understanding of properties and customers you can respond to change fast, reduce costs and put tenants at the heart of what you do.

Our software helps you to get proactive, improving tenant support and giving you the insight you need to make better decisions.

25+ years experience Truly open management system in the cloud

Working with over 200 housing providers Delivering the version of the 100% self-service tenant

Our fresh approach to digital lets you connect with your customers in a way that suits them. It means more informed and more engaged customers, so you can stay focused on tenants not tasks.

We give you the freedom to work your way and the flexibility to adapt fast, helping to shape your vision for housing.

NO expensive integration, NO re-keying, NO data duplication

NPS Housing offers complete, end-to-end management of homelessness cases, in line with the Homelessness Reduction Act. It is fully integrated within NPS Housing, so you have all information in one system.

If you would like to see how NPS Housing can support your approach to the Homelessness Reduction Act please contact NPSHousing@northgateps.com

NPS Housing transforms the way you engage customers.  With 24/7 access to information from any device, you can transform customer satisfaction and focus on delivery.

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Giving you instant access to deep insight, we provide the information you need to shift from responsive to proactive services.

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We present a true picture of the value and cost of your assets, making it easier than ever to plan for the future.

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Making information easier and cheaper to store, find and use.

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With applications and data in the cloud you can achieve more at a lower cost.

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