We provide the business insight you need to get proactive, delivering better services at a lower cost.

Bringing data together from all areas of your work, you can actively manage risk and get support in place sooner.  

NPS Housing holds comprehensive data about people, tenancies and properties, helping you to better understand income, arrears, voids, repairs and tenant behaviour.

It builds a complete view that enables action to be taken fast, keeping tenant support at the heart of what you do.   

We’ve helped our customers to:

  • Cut arrears in half
  • Cut rent debt by £2m each year
  • Cut vacancy loss by two thirds

“Payment Arrangements enables us to quickly give our customers their profile – we are able to show them what they have agreed to pay and when, and we can react very quickly when they miss a payment. Ultimately it enables us to become more proactive on rent management.”

Diane Leaver - Systems Manager, Communities Housing and Infrastructure at Aberdeen City Council

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