From self-service and CRM to Mobile and SMS, we bring a fresh approach to digital transformation.

NPS Housing means reduced costs, next-level automation and 24/7 access from any device.

The first to develop online self-service and mobile working software, we understand the power of digital.

Built for ease of use on any device, NPS Housing Online gets as many customers as possible online and frees up more staff time as they do.

Our game-changing CRM provides instant access to information, making great customer service efficient by resolving queries at first contact. Campaigns are also simple to create and follow up, helping you refine information on individual needs and preferences.   

With Mobile solutions that keep working offline and SMS solutions that streamline tenant contact, we can help you to reduce costs and improve services at every stage.

Built with tenants in mind, NPS Housing Online helps you deliver 24/7 customer service efficiently on any device.

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With the insight to resolve queries at first contact and better-targeted communications, NPS Housing delivers a seamless customer experience at a lower cost, however customers get in contact.

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