End to end control room software

Our control room solutions provide everything you need to make the right decision. We offer end to end support, from communications to tracking and GIS.

Cortex® lets you manage all control room hardware from a single screen while Aspire® makes light work of multi-channel contact. Our xc GIS uses the latest technology to locate emergencies, Artemis tracks vehicles and assets in the field and our Compass gazetteer warns operators of known risks.

See everything in one place

Cortex® is a software-only Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS) that places all your control room hardware onto one screen. Used in control rooms around the world, Cortex® enables operators to efficiently manage a whole range of systems:

  • Radio / Marine Radio
  • LTE, UHF and VHF
  • Telephone, mobile and text
  • Access control and CCTV
  • Tannoy and alarms
  • Websites

Cortex ICCS

Manage multi-channel contact

Aspire® is a contact management solution that gives operators the information they need to make decisions. Using telephony integration, it automatically checks the caller ID for contact history and alerts the operator to any significant issues, like vulnerability or repeat contact.

Aspire® also enables multi-channel interaction with the public via phone, webchat, webforms and social media. It means operators can monitor social media feeds through the hashtags of major incidents and events.

Track assets and vehicles efficiently

The Artemis location tracking service is a powerful tool for managing vehicles and assets in the field. Service vehicles, emergency vehicles, buses and trains – as well as radios and mobile equipment – can be located directly from the control room.

With the precise location of all available resources, operators can allocate vehicles that will arrive the fastest and manage drivers and crew effectively.

Get to the right place fast

Our xc GIS helps to improve dispatch by displaying a clean and accurate visualisation of all incident and resource data. EISEC integration shows caller location and the advanced routing algorithm gets officers to the scene quickly. In the latest update, what3words integration means you can now locate emergencies with incredible precision.

Our NPS Compass gazetteer then displays warning markers – like firearm registrations at a known address – to help keep officers safe in the field.

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