Our duty management system makes light work of complex rostering

By making it easy to book on and off duty and providing a complete picture of availability, our duty management system helps you deploy the right resources every time.

It works to the latest police welfare regulations as well as your own cover policies, so it simplifies compliance and enables highly efficient scheduling.

features and benefits

Great range of options

As well as the core duty management system, we offer a range of additional features to meet your needs.
We can make it easier to connect other back office systems and to schedule court appearances or
training. Our mobile version then makes it easy to work anywhere, on any device:

  • WITNESS: Schedule court appearances that reduce overtime or cancelled rest days
  • INTERFACES: Connect to apps like Dutysheet, Chronicle, Command & Control and Payroll
  • WEB API: Real time integration with systems like HR and Finance for better reporting
  • MOBILE: Perform day to day tasks on any device with an intuitive look and feel
  • TRAINING: Schedule sessions around overtime and enable staff wish-lists

Our duty management software is used by more than 30% of police staff across England and Wales.

Find us on G-Cloud or get in touch.

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