CARM provides a complete tailored solution to the growing complexities of Human Resource Management.

Deployment of a wider mix of skills, new welfare and training issues, budgetary constraints and increased public expectations are just some of the challenges facing public safety organisations across the world.

CARM utilises the latest technology to meet these challenges and deliver improved speed and flexibility to the duty rostering process – enabling faster and more effective deployment and management of public resources.

Now on release 4, CARM offers a host of benefits to all parts of the organisation from the individual to higher management.  By creating ‘user profiles’ that control functional access to various parts of the application and ‘user views’ that control organisational access, the CARM system administrator can tailor CARM to suit each different member of the organisation.  Thus individuals will only be able to access functions that are relevant to their role and to those parts of the organisation that they need to know about.

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Each member of the organisation is able to access CARM information from any workstation on the organisation network or via a mobile device.  CARM is a web based product and therefore the workstation just needs browser based access to the centrally held information.  So no matter where the person is situated, they have immediate access.

CARM delivers key benefits to meet resource management challenges, including: –

  • Police Regulations:  Monitored and enforced for Officers and Police Staff to ensure correct compensation is applied every time.
  • Working Time Regulations: Monitor time worked, inter_shift breaks, insufficient rest days and average hours for day and night shifts.
  • Overtime and Time in Lieu: Managed from claim through to taking time off or passing to payroll.
  • Health and Safety: Optimum and minimum cover levels for any part of the service at any hour of the day with appropriate warnings where cover is breached.
  • Improved Officer Communications: Through duty change notifications and messaging.