Our forensics software is used by 70% of UK forces to track data and exhibits from recovery to court.

SOCRATES enables officers, investigators and laboratory staff to maintain a complete chain of custody when storing, analysing, sharing and presenting crime scene evidence.

Highly secure and with configurable access rights, SOCRATES provides a single, accurate and up to date view that can be shared across agencies to eliminate duplication.

With our open APIs you can connect easily to a range of local systems and we offer optional modules for integration to the eDNA service and PNC.

We are pleased to announce that we are upgrading our Forensics solution to make it mobile-first, user friendly and support faster, more accurate decisions.

CSIs will be able to electronically submit fingermarks to the Bureau remotely so the identification process can start within minutes of scene attendance. Intelligent forms will prioritise activity and help preserve vital evidence; on and offline mobile working will be supported; and integration with third party systems will reduce data re-entry.

If you require further information about our Forensics solution, please contact John.chapman@northgateps.com

Ian Blackhurst

Ian Blackhurst

Ian Blackhurst is Executive Director Safety and Health at Northgate Public Services. He is responsible for developing client solutions and for managing our large portfolio of software platforms and solutions. Ian previously worked at GEC-Marconi, Siemens, BAe Systems and blue 8 technologies in a variety of product development, sales and senior management roles.


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