SOCRATES a Forensic Case Management suite.

SOCRATES is a Forensic Case Management suite of products which provides a common framework for the sharing of important forensic data and exhibit tracking across forensic departments within a single agency, such as the Forensics Laboratory, or where appropriate for a more complete end-to-end process, across associated agencies who have a duty to preserve integrity and continuity, such as the Police and Forensics Laboratory.

It enables employees to easily and accurately perform functions on forensic cases ensuring that information is up to date and available to all who have a need to access those cases.

Forensic Case Management Solution

SOCRATES is designed to facilitate forensic case management across an end-to–end process from crime scene investigation to forensic analysis. Whilst it can be implemented by either the Police or the Forensics Laboratory for their specific process needs, it becomes even more effective once it is implemented across the joint agencies.

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SOCRATES delivers reliable and accurate reporting on evidence and a continuity of processes in any forensics case that uses evidence. Where appropriate, it also allows the sharing of information between other relevant agency systems to enable a more holistic view.

Ian Blackhurst

Ian Blackhurst

Ian Blackhurst is Executive Director Safety and Health at Northgate Public Services. He is responsible for developing client solutions and for managing our large portfolio of software platforms and solutions. Ian previously worked at GEC-Marconi, Siemens, BAe Systems and blue 8 technologies in a variety of product development, sales and senior management roles.


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