Our customers manage revenues and benefits administration quickly and accurately, completing changes quicker than any other supplier and one day faster than the national average.

Simple to use self-service puts more people in control while automation finishes tasks in a fraction of the time.

Our revenues and benefits software has lead the market for 25 years, keeping customers on top of their workload so they can provide support where it’s needed most.

Self-service makes it easier than ever to report changes,submit claims, pay by direct debit or make payments from any device. The unique integration to the back office keeps it simple for staff too.

170 Customers Collecting 50% of UK council tax

Paying fify percent of UK housing benefit 10,000 end users accessing our systems daily

As resources get tighter, our software can free teams from the burden of manual effort by automating tasks and helping them work more effectively wherever they’re based.

With optional processing services to tackle claims backlogs or cut down fraud and error, we have the software and expertise to deliver better results in all areas of revenues and benefits.

Our self-service software keeps it simple, works on tablets and smartphones and has a real-time connection to back office systems. From a change of address to a full benefits claim, plain language forms help to get more people online, freeing up staff to provide better customer service.

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Using credit agency information and configurable business workflow, we can help cut out hours of manual processing time and enable a responsible approach to debt management.

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Workload peaks can hurt your cash flow, so our off-site support puts all the extra skills you need on tap. It’s a service that’s entirely flexible. You can use it continuously, just to match your business cycle or to provide ad-hoc support during peak periods and holidays.

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With applications and data in the cloud you can achieve more at a lower cost.

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Making information easier and cheaper to store, find and use.

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