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Overview – Empty Properties Review service

Fewer empty properties, more income 

An estimated 710,000 properties in England are classified as empty. Our fully-managed Empty Properties Review Service is an easy way to generate additional income through the New Homes Bonus and increase your Council Tax revenue. 

Using our payment by results option, we will identify and bring empty properties back into use, removing financial risk.


• Generated over £1.2 million additional revenue (on average)
• Results within 12 weeks
• No risk, payment by results
• Rapid deployment

Financial pressures and additional demands on resources mean that it can be difficult to review properties that are classified as empty. As a consequence, many councils have not conducted a review for some time. 

Our comprehensive fully managed review service provides you with a no risk solution to reviewing empty properties and securing additional income. There are no up-front fees, as we deliver on a payment by results basis. With fast deployment, you could be generating additional income in as little as 12 weeks.

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