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Northgate Public Services launching first Pay to Stay service and software solutions

  • New software and service launching to manage Pay to Stay
  • NPS brings extensive experience of similar international schemes

Northgate Public Services (NPS) is launching both a new software solution and an associated income checking service to determine rent levels for Pay to Stay tenants.

These are based on NPS’ extensive experience in administering similar international social housing schemes.  

The new cloud based software service is being introduced to enable social housing providers to gather income details from their tenants and pass them on to the appropriate housing system.

As part of the associated service, NPS will contact tenants to obtain income details. Tenants can also submit the information online, in writing or over the phone to the NPS call centre. Once captured, income details will be validated and used to identify any liability for ‘top up’ rents under Pay to Stay.

The NPS Housing software solutions, which can already hold income data, will be extended to identify tenancies that are above the Pay to Stay limits, and to calculate appropriate rents based on government thresholds and tapers.

The service and solutions, which are expected to be the first of their kind on the market, will continue to evolve once the government publishes the imminent Pay to Stay regulations.

Sue Holloway, Director of Services Strategy at Northgate Public Services, said:

“We’re giving clients different options depending on their needs. Some will want a fully managed service that will do the legwork of communicating directly with customers, gathering financial information and identifying affected tenants. Others will be happy to deal with customer contact themselves but will still need software solutions designed to meet this new requirement, collect income details and integrate with the housing management solutions that manage the rent charges and accounts. 

“Our systems have a successful track record of delivering similar schemes internationally, and we’re using that experience to inform our work in the UK.”

Housing providers don’t need to be an existing NPS customer in order to make use of the income gathering software or the associated service. NPS Housing solutions are already helping social housing providers in Australia and Canada to capture the kind of income information required under Pay to Stay in order to calculate the appropriate rent level.

The company is also a trusted partner to many local authorities in the calculation of liability and entitlement utilising data similar to that required for Pay to Stay. Over half of Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support in the UK is calculated and administered by NPS solutions, which also provides associated services to help clients to resource the processing of claims. Further, NPS provides solutions and services to assist with the Local Welfare Provision scheme, ensuring that support is accurately targeted using telephone, email, online, letters and face to face communication.

All English local authorities and ALMOs will have to start charging Pay to Stay rents in April 2017, while it’s voluntary for RSLs. 

Northgate Public Services is the largest provider of IT software to the social housing market in the UK.

If you would like to know more, please contact marketing@northgateps.com.


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Overview – NPS Housing

A flexible platform for a changing sector 

The result of over 25 years of experience and continuous innovation, NPS Housing is a flexible and scalable platform that helps providers make a difference in their communities. 

For organisations with 1,000 to over 100,000 homes, NPS Housing frees up vital resources to enable well-planned investment and exceptional customer service. 

Download the NPS Housing overview

  • Trusted by over 200 providers
  • Adaptable and scalable to match changing priorities
  • Self-service access across many devices
  • Available in the cloud or on-premise 
  • Seamless collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers
  • End to end mobile for high productivity

Trusted to deliver

At a time of huge change, we're helping over 200 providers to get the most from their assets, maximise income and engage their customers in new ways. We can put the information you need at your fingertips, wherever you are and whatever devices you use. 

Flexible by design NPS Housing is the most comprehensive and adaptable platform on the market, with endless opportunities to improve productivity. It enables providers to navigate changes like the Right to Buy and Pay to Stay with ease and stay focused on a great customer experience.

"We didn't just want a new IT system or software solutions. We needed the right technology to support our 'residents first' philosophy." 
Kerry Martin, Technical Project Manager, Lambeth Council Housing Management

360 degree view

The NPS Housing platform offers a complete view of all assets and customers, enabling a more streamlined approach to repairs, payments and enquiries. 

"Small things, like the ability to link direct to our payment portal, are saving a lot of time." 
Andy Dawson, ICT Application Manager, Magenta Living

Multi-channel, any device

With the widest range of self-service processes on the market and true end-to-end mobile options, NPS Housing can transform productivity.

"The self-service software covers a wide range of areas, meaning lots of options for engaging with us differently." 
Eamonn McGirr, Head of ICT Business Support, Wolverhampton Homes

Strategic roadmap

NPS Housing is built on proven, secure and stable technology and is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of providers and their customers. The first ever solution to offer mobile and self-service, NPS Housing has a strong history of innovation and enjoys continued investment.

"Because it's all online, it means we don't have staff typing up paper based housing applications. They can now engage with the client ratherthan just copy typing."
Diane Leaver, Systems Manager, Aberdeen City Council

Download the NPS Housing overview.

Find out more about how we've helped Magenta Living, Wolverhampton Homes and Aberdeen City Council.

Find out how NPS Housing can help with the  Pay to Stay scheme.