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The Gateshead Housing Company – Document Management case study

Going digital

With the closure of several satellite offices imminent, The Gateshead Housing Company was faced with a problem; they had nowhere to store their physical housing files.

Recognising the benefits of having their documents available online and at the click of a button, they took the opportunity to ‘go paperless’ and digitise their files. 

The project scanned around 44,000 files with each one containing multiple pieces of paper. The files were scanned in as PDFs, enabling multi-page documents to be quickly searched for keywords.

Increasing efficiency

Once the files were available digitally, The Gateshead Housing Company was able to create real efficiency benefits by using our Information@work to access the scanned files and capture new documents. 

Firstly, they are able to automatically import ‘DTI’ mail merge letters produced in NPS Housing into Information@Work, enabling employees of the company to see every letter that has been sent to tenants.

The success of the document management system meant that other teams wanted to store their paper and electronic files as well.

Using the Information@Work solution and its toolkit, they now capture and store a wide range of files including landlord gas safety certificates (CP12), water hygiene certificates, void property photos, emails and survey responses.

Michael Spinks, Senior ICT Development Officer at The Gateshead Housing Company said: 

“With easy retrieval through Northgate Public Services’ Housing software it is a dream to quickly and efficiently retrieve indexed documents. It’s much easier to access and reference them – people in satellite offices don't need to have someone physically deliver the files to them. It's saving a massive amount of time.”

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Huntingdonshire Council I@W Case Study

I@W transforms customer service

Huntingdonshire Council is using Information@Work as its corporate Document Management Solution, replacing multiple paper and electronic storage solutions. 

Information@Work provides a single corporate-wide repository for all documents and records, enabling the capture, allocation, processing, sharing and controlled destruction of any type of file. It provides staff with immediate access to information, supports collaborative working and reduces storage costs.

Implementing a single document management solution has transformed customer service, with the team now able to respond to people’s enquiries at the first point of contact. With over 4.6 million records now digitised, paper storage requirements and costs have been reduced significantly.

“I@W is a key corporate system for HDC. Officers from across the Council use it on a day to day basis and my teams work more efficiently and effectively as a result. The Council has an ambitious plan for the future and having systems like I@W helps us achieve these longer term aims.” John Taylor, Head of Customer Service

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