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Lambeth Council Housing Management case study

With a ‘residents first’ philosophy, Lambeth Council Housing Management is using technology to improve customer service and satisfaction. This approach has freed up staff time to meet residents' needs, rather than dealing with manual tasks and processes.
Lambeth Council was using a lot of different systems and formats for gathering and holding information. This had created many manual tasks and processes, with the systems getting in the way of staff doing their jobs.
Using the MyPortal option within NPS Housing, Lambeth Council’s information is now available to staff in real time and they have been able to build profiles of residents and their needs.
Using the NPS Task Manager and Customer Services modules to manage a wide number of housing processes – plus enhancing the existing NPS modules for Rents, Repairs, Tenancies, and Voids by implementing Task Manager notifications – has improved access to information for housing system users and managers alike.
With an ability to analyse trends, identify and prioritise tasks and better handle customer contacts, the Lambeth Council Housing Management Department has become more proactive and efficient.

Key facts
●     Lambeth Council Housing Department has 29,000 residents.
●     Approximately 3,000 enquiries are processed each month.
●     Over 1,000 of Lambeth Council’s staff access the system.
●     The system is in use 24-hours a day.
Policy, culture and technology change
The cultural change at Lambeth Council has been carried out along with the system change to put residents first. Being able to improve customer satisfaction by getting it right first time has seen a significant decrease in customer complaints
Not wanting just another IT system was key to Lambeth Council’s choice. By also looking to make changes in policy and culture to improve the customer experience, Lambeth Council has been able to transform the way it works.
Staff using MyPortal have a view of a resident’s history, rents, repairs, service charges complaints, case types and more. Having key information to hand has made the work of the housing team much easier, with time freed up to spend on important tasks and a renewed focus on customer service.
Staff training has covered all areas of systems, policies and culture, with a focus on giving excellent customer service and the quality of data that is required on clients and their needs.
This three-pronged approach focusing on systems, policies and culture has made the changes at Lambeth Council easier to implement and with a greater outcome for residents.
By removing lengthy, manual tasks, staff are now more proactive. The system gives prompts based on trends and analysis making officers, who often handle multiple complicated cases and deal with vulnerable people, better able to deal with individual circumstances.
Using MyPortal
Staff have found the system easy to use and of real benefit. The Contact Centre now gets a clearer, overall picture of the customer, and the customer spends less time and effort explaining their problem or issue to multiple people.
MyPortal pulls all customer information into one place, which allows staff to build a history of customers and their needs in one place.
Why Northgate Public Services
Previous integration attempts with other systems had failed and while cost was a factor, NPS offered additional options and cashable savings by reducing the number of systems that needed to be maintained. Having integrated systems has also offered Lambeth Council cross-reporting opportunities they didn’t previously have.
Lambeth Council looked at all the different options available and were already using NPS Housing modules for Rents, Repairs, Voids, Allocations, Property Purchase and Service Charges.
Kerry Martin, Technical Project Manager at Lambeth Council, said “Since we started the system developments in 2012, there have been significant efficiency savings and improvements in quality of service. We didn’t just want a new IT system, or software solutions. We needed the right technology to support our ‘residents first’ philosophy.”
“Lambeth Council continues to work with Northgate Public Services and we are aiming to deliver more of the same. Giving our teams the best tools and making information accessible helps us achieve a high level of customer service.”

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