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The Gateshead Housing Company – Document Management case study

Going digital

With the closure of several satellite offices imminent, The Gateshead Housing Company was faced with a problem; they had nowhere to store their physical housing files.

Recognising the benefits of having their documents available online and at the click of a button, they took the opportunity to ‘go paperless’ and digitise their files. 

The project scanned around 44,000 files with each one containing multiple pieces of paper. The files were scanned in as PDFs, enabling multi-page documents to be quickly searched for keywords.

Increasing efficiency

Once the files were available digitally, The Gateshead Housing Company was able to create real efficiency benefits by using our Information@work to access the scanned files and capture new documents. 

Firstly, they are able to automatically import ‘DTI’ mail merge letters produced in NPS Housing into Information@Work, enabling employees of the company to see every letter that has been sent to tenants.

The success of the document management system meant that other teams wanted to store their paper and electronic files as well.

Using the Information@Work solution and its toolkit, they now capture and store a wide range of files including landlord gas safety certificates (CP12), water hygiene certificates, void property photos, emails and survey responses.

Michael Spinks, Senior ICT Development Officer at The Gateshead Housing Company said: 

“With easy retrieval through Northgate Public Services’ Housing software it is a dream to quickly and efficiently retrieve indexed documents. It’s much easier to access and reference them – people in satellite offices don't need to have someone physically deliver the files to them. It's saving a massive amount of time.”

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Housing Image for Empt Properties Review Case Study

Overview – NPS Housing

A flexible platform for a changing sector 

The result of over 25 years of experience and continuous innovation, NPS Housing is a flexible and scalable platform that helps providers make a difference in their communities. 

For organisations with 1,000 to over 100,000 homes, NPS Housing frees up vital resources to enable well-planned investment and exceptional customer service. 

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  • Trusted by over 200 providers
  • Adaptable and scalable to match changing priorities
  • Self-service access across many devices
  • Available in the cloud or on-premise 
  • Seamless collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers
  • End to end mobile for high productivity

Trusted to deliver

At a time of huge change, we're helping over 200 providers to get the most from their assets, maximise income and engage their customers in new ways. We can put the information you need at your fingertips, wherever you are and whatever devices you use. 

Flexible by design NPS Housing is the most comprehensive and adaptable platform on the market, with endless opportunities to improve productivity. It enables providers to navigate changes like the Right to Buy and Pay to Stay with ease and stay focused on a great customer experience.

"We didn't just want a new IT system or software solutions. We needed the right technology to support our 'residents first' philosophy." 
Kerry Martin, Technical Project Manager, Lambeth Council Housing Management

360 degree view

The NPS Housing platform offers a complete view of all assets and customers, enabling a more streamlined approach to repairs, payments and enquiries. 

"Small things, like the ability to link direct to our payment portal, are saving a lot of time." 
Andy Dawson, ICT Application Manager, Magenta Living

Multi-channel, any device

With the widest range of self-service processes on the market and true end-to-end mobile options, NPS Housing can transform productivity.

"The self-service software covers a wide range of areas, meaning lots of options for engaging with us differently." 
Eamonn McGirr, Head of ICT Business Support, Wolverhampton Homes

Strategic roadmap

NPS Housing is built on proven, secure and stable technology and is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of providers and their customers. The first ever solution to offer mobile and self-service, NPS Housing has a strong history of innovation and enjoys continued investment.

"Because it's all online, it means we don't have staff typing up paper based housing applications. They can now engage with the client ratherthan just copy typing."
Diane Leaver, Systems Manager, Aberdeen City Council

Download the NPS Housing overview.

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